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The true story of a young girl that heroically survived to tell her horrific experience of surviving a serial killer’s kidnapping. As mass murderer John Linley Frazier and serial killers Herbert Mullin, and the notorious Ed Kemper were committing twenty-three gruesome killings in the same city; Santa Cruz, California, Jennifer Lyn was abducted in a never before told story.


This is the first podcast that details all three of these killers in the same city at the same time. We tell the details of their crimes, and we follow a fascinating and chilling exploration of heinous murders, energetic portals, demonic possessions, and angelic symbols. If you like true crime stories, we give first hand knowledge of the cases, but we ADD a supernatural dimension guided by Jennifer Lyn.


She’ll show that what happened to her back in the 70s isn’t over yet, and haunts us today. Sacred + Profane is an Acacia Stone Production coming soon to wherever you get your podcasts.

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