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Episode 7: Healing Remotely - It's Real and It Works --- we think

What is remote healing?

Remote healing or distance healing may be defined as a compassionate mental act directed toward the health and wellbeing of a distant person. There are various techniques including intercessory prayer, spiritual healing, aura healing, energy healing, energy psychology, shamanic healing, nonlocal healing, therapeutic touch,quantum-touch, qigong, reconnective healing, Johrei, and Reiki.

The commonality is that the healing is non-local - the healing is conducted at a distance.

These techniques are often not regarded as ‘scientific’ by mainstream standards.

Recently scientists have begun rigorous study of the effects of distant healing in nonhuman living systems and patients in clinical trials. A barrier to taking such work seriously may be the belief that it is fundamentally incompatible with the scientific world view. However, contemporary physics has generated a series of paradigms that can be used to make sense of, interpret, and explore distant healing. First is the energetic transmission model, presuming the effects of conscious intention to be mediated by an as-yet unknown energy signal. Second is the model of path facilitation. As gravity, according to general relativity, "warps" space-time, easing certain pathways of movement, so may acts of consciousness have warping and facilitating effects on the fabric of the surrounding world. Third is the model of nonlocal entanglement drawn from quantum mechanics. Perhaps people, like particles, can become entangled so they behave as one system with instantaneous and unmediated correlations across a distance. Last is a model involving actualization of potentials. The act of measurement in quantum mechanics collapses a probabilistic wave function into a single outcome. Perhaps conscious healing intention can act similarly, helping to actualize one of a series of possibilities; for example, recovery from a potentially lethal disease.

Muscle testing is also known as applied kinesiology (AK) or manual muscle testing (MMT). It is an alternative medicine practice that claims to effectively diagnose structural, muscular, chemical, and mental ailments.

NeuroModulation Technique – The Feinberg Method (NMT) was developed by Dr. Leslie S. Feinberg, D.C. in 2002. It is one of the most powerful techniques today that are helping patients and clients to overcome stress and disease.

The role of water as a repository for information. This may help explain concepts such as homeopathy, holy water, energy imprinted water. Water memory is the purported ability of water to retain a memory of substances previously dissolved in it even after an arbitrary number of serial dilutions. Water memory contradicts current scientific understanding of physical chemistry and is generally not accepted by the scientific community.

Morphogenetic fields are immaterial information fields that both influence and determine the form of material things and store the collective habits of species. According to Rupert Sheldrake, it is due to morphogenetic fields that as soon as something new is done somewhere it becomes easier and easier for it to be repeated anywhere. Evolution moves forward by creating new fields – we work to create a field of peace, trust, and cooperation that can be accessed globally, for a world without fear and war.

Top tips for remote healing:

  • Follow word of mouth for the best practitioners

  • Psychosomatic condition - fibromyalgia, chronic pain, depression all respond well to energy healing

  • Be open minded

  • Give it a try

  • Get your own experience - use your body as the way to measure outcomes


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