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Episode 3: See The Sunrise - The Super Powers of Red Light

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

We are creatures that have evolved for 100’s of thousands of years under the light of the sun, and it has a profound effect on our biology. Now, since the invention of electricity (just a few hundred years ago) we spend most of our day under artificial light. We are constantly exposed to artificial light (and other non native electromagnetic radiation like wifi and radio waves) and it can potentially disturb our circadian rhythms, our internal body clocks, leading to all kinds of chronic health problems. Blue light toxicity is a term for the ill effects for too much blue light at the wrong time of day. Technology emits mainly blue light as it is easier to produce - and most households have three to four screens per person, phones, computers, smart tv, these all shine blue light into your eyes. Our body is getting the wrong signal because we really never turn the blue light off.

Bobby Hunt III has a fantastic book called The Blue Light Diet:

1. The BEST Tools To Block The Unhealthy Artificial Light

2. How to Filter Blue Light From Your Phone (Both iPhone and Android)

3. How To Build Melatonin Naturally So You Can Sleep Better

Red and near infrared light bring incredible super powers to humans. To start, get up, get out of bed go see the sunrise - before you even drag a comb across your head or drink a cup (and definitely before you see any blue or artificial light). Even if it just means sticking your head out of the window. It is the number one, most important health tip Sarah can give you! Again the biggest health tip is watching the sunrise and seeing natural light before you see a screen.

Light works in a very simple way, follow the sun:

  1. In the morning the sun has a high proportion of red and near infrared light

  2. In the middle of the day, you have bright white sunlight containing blue light that is very energizing

  3. At sunset, the sun again has a good proportion of red and infrared light

Red Light Devices:

You can supplement the sun with red light devices - there are many options available. You don't want to have red light on all day, much like the sun isn't red all day long. It is best used in the morning and the evening. When choosing a red light device you need to select one depending on your health goals. It is very important to buy from a company that can tell you the dose of the light (usually between 30 J/cm2 - 70 J/cm2) and the power output. The lights themselves should have low EMF emissions when plugged in - or even better should be battery operated.

But why red light: There are receptors across the entirety of your body, your body can feel the light, so red light can literally transform, heal and restore your body. The red light in the morning, can protect you from the damaging nature of the sun. The poor sun has lost the marketing war with sunscreen businesses, but morning red light can protect you from the damages of mid-day sun.

Three biggest take-aways from this episode:

  1. Understand and learn to love the sun

  2. Get outside and see the sunrise, the most important time of the day

  3. Invest in red light or near infrared light devices

  4. Know and understand your skin

Red light devices to own:

Flexbeam - Heal Your Body With The World’s First Targeted Red Light Therapy Device

Neurocare - Clinical Photobiomodulation Therapy Systems

Red Light Rising - Red light panels for life altering red light therapy

ProNeurocare - Medical grade body pads

Resources for your skin

The Fitzpatrick Scale - Developed in 1975, the system classifies skin type according to the amount of pigment your skin has and your skin’s reaction to sun exposure. This information can help predict your overall risk of sun damage and skin cancer.

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